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Books, movies, and nautical gear for sailors and travelers - or for anyone who can dream! Travel Books, Cruising Guides, Sailing books, Nautical Equipment. Movies and other marine equipment too!

Books to dream on, and books and other resources that can be some of the most essential tools on a boat. We even recommend the RIGHT computers and right marine software for sailboats and power yachts!

This page presents essentials that we use and enjoy aboard trimaran NAGA, and resources for safety and pleasure aboard every kind of cruiser.


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Did the Chinese discover the world in 1421?
Before any of the European explorers?

Every sailor or adventurer should read this enthralling book.
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Sun Damage? Skin Cancer?
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- Selected Cruising Guides and Resources for Sailors -
We use these essential cruising guides aboard NAGA
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Essential Guides for Long-Distance Sailors:

World Cruising Routes
by Jimmy Cornell
Weather and Routing - a VERY useful guide to planning longer and shorter voyages.

World Cruising Handbook
by Jimmy Cornell
Vital information on destinations around the world. Some may prefer to get this kind of information and updates from Cornell's website,

Caribbean Sea Cruising Guides:

If you plan to sail in any of these areas, you need these cruising guides.
Each one is essential for the area it covers.

Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands by Nancy Scott

Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands, by Chris Doyle

Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands, by Chris Doyle

Cruising Guide to Trinidad, Tobago & Barbados, by Chris Doyle

Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire, by Chris Doyle

Cuba: A Cruising Guide, by Nigel Calder

The Panama Guide: Cruising Guide to the Isthmus of Panama
by Nancy Schwalbe Zydler, Tom Zydler

South Pacific Ocean Region:
If you plan cruising in the South Pacific,
you should have at least the 1st three of these.

1. Landfalls in Paradise, Earl Hinz
This standard cruising guide for the Eastern and Western South Pacific covers Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. It's loaded with practical facts you need and facts of interest about cultures, histories, and weather. It also has some of the most useful charts you'll find of major harbors.

2. Charlie's Charts of Polynesia
Excellent detailed charts of all the anchorages you will most likely visit, with sketches that help to identify landforms.

3. South Pacific Anchorages, by Warwick Clay
With comprehensive coverage of a huge number of anchorages throughout the East and West South Pacific region, you will want this guide no matter where you venture. It also does a nice job of complementing the other guides.

Pacific Crossing Guide
by Michael Pocock

Guide to Navigation and Tourism in French Polynesia
by Patrick Bonnette

Cruising Guide to Tahiti and the French Society Islands
by Marcia Davock

Lonely Planet South Pacific

Indian Ocean and Africa Region:

Indian Ocean Cruising Guide, by Rod Heikell
This is THE guide for the North and South Indian Ocean, from the Red Sea to South Asia. Comprehensive, smart, essential information for the cruiser.

Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea Cruising Guide
by Stephen Davies, Elaine Morgan

Sail Adventures:
Your Cruising Guide to the Maldives
, new 2007

Les Iles Seychelles, by Alain Rondeau

East Africa Pilot by Delwyn McPhun
The essential guide to sailing in the East African region and Western Indian Ocean.

Lonely Planet Madagascar & Comoros
by Gemma Pitcher, Patricia C. Wright

- Laptop Computers and Boats -

You MUST have quality if you use a computer on your boat!
You will PAY Big Time for being "penny wise and dollar foolish."
In my experience, quality computing aboard sailboats means Toshiba.

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- Personally Recommended Favorite Books & Movies -
Some are about sailors and sailing or boats.
Some books and movies are just about life.

- A Selection of Good Sailing Books -


Our sailing adventures in photos and textEvery kind of helpful resource for sailors and travelersWeather for sailorsMaking a living onboard or on the roadLinks to friends and related sites


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