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Sailing Related Links and Resources:
The foremost site for cruising information world-wide. Not to be missed if you are sailing internationally.

Dick Newick Multihull Designs
Dick designed our amazing and incredible, beautiful and wonderous Naga. And he's designed over 100 other elegant designs, some of which have represented historic design breakthroughs.

Golden Oldies Multihulls Association
Celebrating, Restoring and LIving the historic great multihulls - Naga is one of them!

Ninth Charm trimaran website
Ninth Charm is a sistership to our trimaran Naga. She's somewhat newer, she sports a wing mast, and she's build in foam core and epoxy, unlike Naga's wood/epoxy (WEST System) construction. The Charmers are in the South West Pacific as I write this, not so far from us, and one of these days we hope to get together. Take a look at their site.

Defender Marine (USA)
A good alternative to West Marine among USA equipment source, and usually cheaper, Defender is my favorite stateside source for all sorts of marine boating equipment.

Glascraft Marine (Australia)
I've had great luck ordering from Glascraft for delivery to New Zealand and the South Pacific, cheaper than US or Kiwi orders.

Garhauer Marine Hardware (California)
Garhauer produces excellent quality deck hardware in 316 Stainless Steel and marine grade aluminum, specializing in beautiful ball bearing blocks. Their equipment is at extremely competitive prices and are much cheaper than competitors like Lewmar or Harken or Schaefer.

A Short Guide to Celestial Navigation
An excellent site that explains the mysteries and provides free computer software to do your calculations.

Our Resources Page
Visit our Resources page for loads of sailing related resources and their links.

- Other Favorite Links and Resources -

Links for News and Current Affairs:

Most of us cruisers who have been living aboard or cruising for a while rely heavily on Short Wave broadcasts to keep up with news and current events. The Internet has recently become another source.

Our links mostly avoid the large state or commercial broadcasters and their websites because you get their establishment unitary version and views on things incessantly and at every turn anyway. It's normal for them to be pro-big-business and pro-big-power - and since we are just normal little folks they don't seem to represent our interests or views very well! So we prefer alternative sources, sources that are more for the little guy and progressive. You probably don't know some of them, so enjoy . . .

GlobalResarch.Ca - The Center for Research on Globalization
This is perhaps one of the most important sites on the Net. An amazing site that makes it very clear that nothing in today's world is as it seems to be. Visit this site to discover the world you are living in now.

WSWS - World Socialist Web Site
The WSWS includes frequent trenchantly perceptive commentaries on current events that are often worth a good look. It has a lot of other fascinating offerings too.

John Pilger - The journalism and films of John Pilger
Pilger's work appears regularly in The Independent (Britain) and elsewhere. He deals with the most important issues of the day - and the era! - cutting mercilessly through the thick fog of obfuscation that permeates most media on matters of importance. He penetrates clearly into the essence of issues and their real relevance for us.

And sometimes we share links with other sites:


Our sailing adventures in photos and textEvery kind of helpful resource for sailors and travelersWeather for sailorsMaking a living onboard or on the road

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